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Wildlife Control and Management, ( For Maryland Only

Dear homeowner or bushiness owner , do hear bumps or squeaks in your buildings at night. As a  result this may be sign of Wildlife Control .More then a Ghost roaming around your building .The noises therefore could be from Squirrels or Birds .Thus infesting your attic and knocking things over. Furthermore it may  be that Deer Mouse getting your storage in your Crawlspace in your office building.This is why Wildlife Control is important . Thereupon wildlife can cause  damage and weak havoc on a structure. Consequently as regards to Snake Control ,sooner or later the mice that are in the house .These Snakes will follow this food source.As result the lack of Mice  control can result in Snakes entering into a structure .Since the food source is going that way.This  is ongoing inspections and Wildlife Management Programs are important.

In Summary Our Wildlife Control can Consist of ;

  • Moles
  • Snakes
  • Squirrels
  • Opossum
  • Groundhogs
  • Birds
  • and other urban wildlife

Therefore Wildlife Management and Control can be;

  • Trapping -Mechanical  or Body Gripping Traps
  • Live Capture , Trapping-Cage or Snares
  • Exclusion


For our Snake Control can involve;

  • Trapping-Cages
  • live capture, hand removal ,tongs
  • Exclusion ;
  • Removal of Food sources.( This is why for Snake Control Removal we recommend and suggest our Mice Exterminator Package) As result this Monthly or Quarterly program will protect your home or business. Thus from Mice and  consequently there likely food source.

For Our  Mole Control;

  • Trapping using Mechanical Tarps
  • Recommend Monthly Services ,thus protect your yard .From the the Moles destroying your yard
  • Exclusion  Services

Then for Bird Control;

  • Bird Exlclusion
  • Live Bird Removal
  • Physical Exclusion
  • Mechanical and Electrical( Low Voltage ) These devices are as such;
  1.    Bird  LV  Live Tracks
  2.    Bird  Wire
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