A Customer wrote me this letter few years ago; Mr. K Berlin “Edwin has worked for me for 5 years taking care of various pest control issues which occur every spring and summer. He has done a superior job, and has the dedication, knowledge, integrity, and attention to detail that has been sorely lacking from other pest control companies I have worked with. I know that when I ask him to do the required work, he comes over promptly, shows me everything he will be doing, and reviews what he has done after completing the work. I have never meant anyone in this business that I trust with my home pest control issues like Edwin.”Frederick,MD


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Services Suited For Your Needs

Our Residential  Programs ;include inspections on every service ,we look for your unwanted pests .Also we alert you to any potential problems  ; as regards to any present or future conducive conditions.That are around your structure  that invite pests.

Have Ants or other Unwanted guests roaming through your house.We can control them.

For those nasty biters , we have Mosquito Control Programs; both for Residential, and Commercial Accounts.

We Can do Restaurants ;  Early in the Morning or late at Night

We Can do  Small or large  Stores at closing or opening before the public comes in ,and uses your stores ,for shopping ; or by appointments .

We Can provide Homeowners’s Termite Monitoring Programs.Just think about this; That Termites can cause 5 Billion Dollars in Damage each year, and Homeowners Insurance does not cover the damage We also do Termite Treatments around and in your structure .

For Builders of New Homes ;we do Termite Pre- Treatments 

Also We do Yellow Jackets ,and other stinging  insects. That invade your House or Business .

Homeowners or Commercial owners ;If you have a Tough Pest Problem ,We use and have the Tough chemicals to tactical your Pest Problem head on. 

The Areas we Cover are ;  Frederick and Carroll Counties, Baltimore City ,and Baltimore County ,  Howard , Montgomery and Anne Arundel Counties

The Areas we cover in Pennsylvania; are York and Adams Counties .