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  • If you’re like most Homeowners. Your Home  is the Most Valuable possession your own 
  • If you’re like most Business owners .You take pride in Your Business 
  • You Want Someone, you Can Trust ,to do the Job Right 
  • You Want Someone ,you Can Get Rid Of The Problem Quickly 
  • You Want , A Fair Price And Not A Penny More 
  • You want A Great Guarantee  
  • You want ,The Owner to be One Phone Call Away 
  • Do you want A Exterminator ,that Values You as A Customer ?
  • Are Looking For a Trusted Reliable Pest Control Company ?

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We Kill Termites ,We Kill Rats ,We kill Mosquitos   ,And Guarantee Death.

We Control Wildlife ,and Guarantee Capture

Our Warranty is backed by Guarantee of Death ,and, For Wildlife the Capture of the Animal. 

If you have our Quarterly or Monthly Services ,and should you ever have issues in between services, We Retreat For Free  

If We treated you House for Termites ,and if you see Termites After Treatments . We will Retreat For Free.

Bottom Line ,We want you to be Satisfied. Our Warranty is our Guarantee  .That we retreat For Free.

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We Service, Commercial, Industrial and Residential  Pest Control.  Serving  Carroll , Frederick , Howard and Montgomery Counties . We service  Baltimore County ,and City  . We  also service Glen Burnie  , MD. Then in Pennsylvania. We service York and Adams Counties.   

Dear Future Pest Management Customers;                                                                                                              Our first pest management inspection to your house or business is an avg of 30 Mins

  • We do inspections on every service, therefore we alert you of any potential problems ,hence could be causing pest problems .
  • Do you have pets or Kids in your life, as a result, we have treatments and solutions. Hence they are non adverse and low impact ,for  your specific needs
  • Do you have elderly  family members or people with special needs, Therefore ,we have experience  working around these people .As a result , we take care of  how  our company handles treatments within these structures. .
  • In order for us to meet your needs. Therefore our inspectors and Technicians, can be available when you get home .As a result our services hours go onto 7:00 PM  Mon -Fri ,Sat 5:00 PM .
  • Furthermore we take our time servicing and inspecting ,your home or business .Moreover our Avg Service  time is an hour .
  • When we give a true estimated window of time ,accordingly we can arrive on an inspection or treatment ,or both. Therefore we never give over two window times for service or inspections
  • All of our Pest Programs start controlling your pest, by selection of corrective measures ,and actions .That can be use by means of Non-Chemical Controls and Pesticide  Controls.
  • Our  Treatments;  we use dust or Aerosols into wall voids. There is reason behind this method; The Insects hide in walls or come into the structure through these entry points. The entry points can be ; Utility Lines ,pipes or cracks in walls or the foundation .Also there may be  unsealed holes or voids. This is how are service is different .For we treat and control wall voids,  because the Insects are there.
  • Our Treatments; For Insects that are roaming your structure .We use the method of getting into cracks and cervices. The reason behind the Insects can feel these Cracks or cervices .Then use them guide them along a wall or seek comfort in hiding in them. This is how we are different ,we treat where the Insect is traveling or walking throughout the day or night.
  • Our Treatments and Methods, for Rodents are; The placement of  Multiply Traps around entry points, and other Rodent runways. The placement of  Baits( in locked Boxes) or, within walls or the structures voids. Then with any Rodent Service, the Inspection and Control of Attics and/or both  Crawlspaces. This depends on the structure ; the inspection of Roofs for Rodent Activity . This is how our Rodent Inspection and Control service is different.
  • Another way we are different ,is all of these treatment methods .We performed are Low-Impact. We a proud Integrated Pest Management Company. That focuses  on the environment both, inside and outside you structure  .
  • To Find out more, Please read about our services, or you can always call us. We be happy to talk to you. You can also fill the contact form below. Then someone be able to assist you.
  • Finally please take a look at our menu or the top of this page ,and your see what we offer.
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