Who We Are at Van- Cal Pest Solutions LLC

20160512_163051.  Owner-Operator Ed Calderone III

  • Over 16 years of Experience of servicing and handling large ,medium and small businesses
  • Over 16 years of Experience of using Non-Chemical Methods of Control
  • Over 16 years of Experience in Green Pest Management and Low-Impact Control         Strategies
  • Over 16 years of Residential Pest Control Experience
  • over 16 years of Residential and Commercial Termite Control Experience
  • Over 6 years of  Experience of servicing and handling High Security  Accounts
  • Experienced in understanding the needs and concerns ,with the general public and the health department .As regards to food safety and pest thresholds.That’s within a operating food facility
  • Experienced in the understanding how a pest can adversely affect your company’s reputation,products ,goods or services you provide.  
  • Experienced in handling accounts with children and pets
  • Experienced in handling accounts with people that have  health conditions
  • Experienced in handling accounts with seniors ,and people with special needs
  • National Pest Management Association Member
  • Maryland State  Pest  Control Association Member
  • Maryland and Pennsylvania State Certified
  • Maryland Wildlife Certified,and 14 years of Wildlife Experience 

I ‘am Maryland and Pennsylvania State Certified in ; General Pest ,Rodent ,Termite  and Mosquito Control.

I have studied in Pest Control ,and had on job training at the company’s I have worked for through the years.

I’m Purdue Certified in ; Pest Management  Technology and Advanced Urban and Industrial I.P.M Also an Associate Certified Entomologist by the Entomology Society of America

Also took a course by Bedbug Central, on the control and treatment procedures  of Bed Bug Control.

I went down the University of Georgia , because I knew they had training Class in Termite Work. In which I ‘am certified .I took their Termite School ,and Pre-Treatment Work Shop .The reason for me doing this is; because they have a greater Termite Presence down there .Thus greater training ,and understanding of the Termite Control ,and the Damage they can cause to a structure

My goal is to be environmental  Concerning , and Progressive in Pest Control .

As being Progressive ; I like Honey Bees ,and I will Remove them .

We are Family based , and We’ll like you to be Family

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