Industrial Pest Services

Hello Business owner ,Food Safety Manger ,Plant Manger or Sanitation Manger .Our company can provide Bird Control ,Fly Control and Industrial Pest Management around your industrial complex ,Furthermore this includes warehouses  or factory’s exterior or interior . Our inspections can include pipe chases , roofs or underground infrastructure areas. That allow harborage areas for  pests, that will seek refuge and hide .

For example Birds can nest on roofs,and causes unsightly messes on the exterior.As people have to walk or work within these areas.If you have sewers that run along inside of pipe chases.These unsanitary  areas can produce filth flies.



In Summarily Our Industrial Pest  Management ; Can include Rodent Control Methods, Bird Control, Fly Control ,Cockroach Control , Ant Management, Sanitation Services

For this reason these are our Rodent Control Methods;

  • We can set up multiple Traps ; these can include Snap Traps and Multiple Catch Traps
  • We can place Bait Stations around the perimeter , and inside the structure
  • Seal any Entry points the Rodents are useing
  • Preform Trimming of Bushes and hedges

Therefore our Industrial Pest Management  Insect Control can include  ;

  • Fogging and Knockdown Control
  • General Area  Treatments of Interior
  • Perimeter Exterior Treatment
  • Low-Impact Pest Control Treatments-Crack & Cervices and Spot Treatments
  • Trapping and Insect monitoring
  • Baiting for Ant Management and Cockroach Control

Furthermore we recommend these other services as well;

  • We Also provide Exclusion services ; by Structure Sealing ,Small Holes , Cracks, and other openings;( i.e vents or air curtains  ,or Chemical Exclusions ; Dusts or repellents )
  • We can provide Insect and Rodent Inspections
  • Perform Trimming of Bushes and Hedges

    After we trimmed and cut Bushes and Weeds.The Rats had no where to hide or nest.
  • We have Green Solutions for Pest Problems

    Before the Rats are nesting in Bushes and Weeds


Accordance to the Pest we dealing within

your Industrial Pest Management Program

  • Thereupon our Insect and Rodent Control Programs can be ; Monthly or Bi -Monthly That is what we recommend to keep Rodent and Insect Pressure low
  • Accordingly  our use of Chemicals can be based on you the type of business you operate For example; Food Warehouse , Furniture Warehouse or Book Press  Factory
  • As a result Live Bird Removal can be performed by calling us ( Maryland Only )
  • As a result of Bird Invasions we can performed Bird Control Maryland Only ))
  • Wildlife Control ( Maryland Only )
  • Henceforth , Fly Control require Programs

For example ;Just remember , and think about this ; Rats can get through a 1/2 in opening ,and Mice can Fit through 1/4 in Holes

Also Insects can fit into Tiny openings ,including cracks of 1/8 of inch 

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