We can provide Pest Management around your industrial complex , or warehouse  or factory’s exterior or interior . Our inspections can include pipe chases , roofs or underground infrastructure areas.That is within the structure. That allow harbourage areas for  pests, that will seek refuge and hide .


  •  We can set up multiple Traps ; these can include Snap Traps and multiple Catch Traps  .
  • We can place Bait Stations around the perimeter , and inside the structure
  • Our Insect Control can Include Fogging and Knockdown Control
  • Our Insect and Rodent Control Programs can be ; Monthly or Bi -Monthly That is what we recommend to keep Rodent and Insect Pressure low
  • We Also provide Exclusion services ; by Structure Sealing ,Small Holes , Cracks, and other openings; i.e vents or air curtains  ,or Chemical Exclusions ; Dusts or repellents
  • Our use of Chemicals can be based on you the type of business you operate For example; Food Warehouse , Furniture Warehouse or Book Press  Factory .
  • We can provide Insect and Rodent Inspections
  • We have Green Solutions for Pest Problems

Just remember , and think about this ; Rats can get through a 1/2 in opening ,and Mice can Fit through 1/4 in Holes

Also Insects can fit into Tiny openings ,including cracks of 1/8 of inch