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Dear Homeowners and Business owners. Do you need a Expert at protecting your structure  Our Carpenter Ant and  Termite Control Services expert specialist. Therefore understands how   Carpenter Ants or Termites can enter a building . For example ;if you have a crack in the concrete slab in the garage. Consequently  let’s say that crack is 1/8 inch ,as a result a Termite can get the garage through that crack. If your have a tree that is touching your roof .As a result Carpenter Ants can enter your attic. Thus by entering through soffits ,vents or other 1/8 inch openings in your structure. Also to empathize ,Carpenter Ants ,Termites and other Wood Destroying Insects thrive and seek out wood with at least 20 percent Moisture Content.

In Summary our Carpenter Ant and Termite Treatments , therefore can be as followed

  • Barrier Treatments
  • Termite Baiting
  • Termite Monitoring
  • Spot Treatments of problem areas within  Barrier Treatments
  • Pre-Treatments for New Construction
  • Placement of Gel Baits or Granular Baits ,for Carpenter Ants
  • Carpenter Ant Exclusion, Small Tree ,Bush and Hedge Trimming  ,along structure guidelines or roof lines..

    Carpenter Ant

In York and Adams County Pennsylvania-Home Solutions for your Crawlspace ,and Attic.

These services we perform help with Carpenter Ants and Termite Conducive conditions.As result these also help with other Wood Destroying Insects.In effect  the insulation helps with energy savings .As a result worn out fill insulation below 5 inches or damaged batts don’t provide correct Thermal Resistance. Also with Crawlspace vents,this helps out with moisture .Therefore allowing the crawlspace to breath ,and thus  reducing moisture.As result reducing  the possibility of Carpenter Ant and Termite Damage .As well as other Wood Destroying Insect and organisms damages. Therefore the vapor barrier in a crawlspace can keep the moisture in the soil .Otherwise Under these circumstances the dew point temperature can cause damage to floors and wack havoc on  the house.

  • Removal and Replacement of Insulation  Batts .
  • Removal and Replacement Crawlspace Vents
  • Vapor Barrier Installation


As a result our Treatments; our choice of weapon ,is Non-Repellents.The Termites can not detected these chemicals  .For this we use  Non -Repellents.  In fact we may use different types of Non-Repellents,based on different situations. These different types of Non -Repellents can cause reactions  based on the insects biology.Therefore  these are the Types ;

  • Transfer Non-Repellents
  • Oxidation Interruption Non-Repellents
  • Insect Muscle Contraction Interruption Non Repellents                       
  • Obstruction of  Insect Sodium Channels Non-Repellents
  • Cellar energy Disruption Non-Repellents


Finally  our Treatments are not just barrier Treatments  .As a result are integrated into a systemic approach . Thus treating the areas within the wood , Mud -Tubes and other prone areas.Along treating areas with soil.Both on the exterior and under Concrete Slabs. This applies to how we treat Carpenter Ants, we employ on systemic approach.  That ensures a complete treatment . As result our Carpenter Ant Termite Expert Specialist .Thus perform a treatment that will exterminate the Carpenter Ants or Termites



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