Our Termite Control Services ,can consist of ;

  • Barrier Treatments
  • Termite Baiting
  • Termite Monitoring
  • Spot Treatments of problem areas within  Barrier Treatments
  • Pre-Treatments for New Construction


Our Treatments; our choice of weapon ,is Non-Repellents.The Termites can not detected these chemicals  .We may use different Non -Repellents. These are the Types ;

  • Transfer Non-Repellents
  • Oxidation Interruption Non-Repellents
  • Insect Muscle Contraction Interruption Non Repellents
  • Obstruction of  Insect Sodium Channels Non-Repellents
  • Cellar energy Disruption Non-Repellents


Our Treatments are not just barrier Treatments  .But are integrated into a systemic approach .Thus treating the areas within the wood , Mud -Tubes and other prone areas.Along treating areas with soil.Both on the exterior and under Concrete Slabs.