Residential Pest Control Services

Dear Homeowner ,

Do you need an exterminator that can control your Ants and  Cockroaches ? Do you need a pest control expert that understands entomology. As a result can control insects based on their biology. In effect Ant Management and Cockroach control relies on this understanding of they function within our structures

We can do Monthly ,Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Pest Services for Homeowners.  We can come do an inspection for your structure, that has  pest related problems ,and come up with solutions. Our goal;  is if it’s Ants we will follow that moisture source , and look under that rock or shine a light into that dishwasher. If it’s German Cockroaches, we will inspect that Toaster, and the Microwave . The Key point is we will Inspect.

As  a result ,we ‘ll do a Treatment Plan based on the Pest’s Biology. Therefore   We have Different Service Options; As a result of how pests can differ within the urban environment. 

  •    Green Pest Control Services , inside and outside of the structure 
  •    Exterior Service Only, Initial Treatment done Inside to treat invading Target Pest .
  •    Exterior Plus services , Interior and Exterior Services done on Every Visit, for the Target Pest

After Initial Service there is a two week Full Inspection Follow Up  

In detail at the Service Visit ; We will

  • Inspect  The Structure for the invading  Pest
  • Sweep all Reachable Eves and Windows for Spiders
  • Provide a Barrier Treatment  around the Structure ;
  • Using a liquid ; that is Non -Repellent or has a polymer or encapsulated
    structure to ensure continued  protection on the outside.
    For  this applies to the inside of the structure.
    Thereupon inside treating cracks and cervices where insects hide
  • Using a Dust ; Therefore into cracks and cervices ,and voids .Thus to exclude  insects out of the structure or around the outside of that structure.
  • Also the use of an Aerosol liquid for ; Thereupon when needed ,thus to get deep intro voids and Cracks and cervices .
  • The use of Baits ;  based on the type of pest found at an inspection
  • The use of Traps ; based on if Rodents are  found ; Mice and Rats
  • Recommend Exclusion

In summary our pest programs covers;

  • Ant  Management
  • Cockroach Control
  • Spiders
  • Rodents-Norway and House Mouse
  • Occasional Invaders
    ( i.e Box Elders bugs,Pill Bugs,Millipedes   )
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