Winter Pest Control

It may be below 25 degrees ,but guess what Insects and Rodents are still around. Instead they entering your warm house, looking for place to lay up for the winter. Your structure with it’s nice central heating ,and the walls that hold that heat. The Rodents ; such as Rats and House Mice ,will nest in walls and kitchen cabinet voids .If you got Boxes  or other stored items in Garages or crawlspaces. The Mice or Rats will shred them up and make nests .Also if there are any paper ,they will make nests out of these too. These Rodents will make the best of finding a entry point; as a result they can  get into a 1/2 in space for Rats and 1/4 in. space for Mice .Therefore your house should be rodent proof by a pest management professional. These exterminators know Rodent Behavior, and how to perform exclusion work.  Remember Mice like your warm insulation in attic ,and Rats like your dirt in the crawlspace. This home away from home for them. They have you food ,and your roof over there heads.     Now onto the Insects , and the cold cold weather. Though it depends on the species .In example Ants and Asian Colored Lady Bugs, will  form aggregations  into the inside of the structure . Also some Insects have so called Anti -Freeze .These specialized carbohydrates known as cryoprotectants” ,  are sugars trehalose and mannitol. They simply form glycerol, want we call anti-freeze This anti freeze helps the insects from freezing and forming ice crystals in the body. In summery Insects that are consider urban  pests, most likely form aggregations inside. Though there are Insects ,that we may encounter that have this anti-freeze .
This is why winter pest control is of importance .For the fact Insects will still be around .They  will, instead be moving indoors ,to claim a room. This goes for Rats and Mice ,that nest indoors .When the temperatures get below 50. As a result ,winter pest control is important, for ;

  • Inspection of the structure
  • Treatment of Wall Voids
  • Treatment of Cracks & Cervices ,where insects or Rodents Travel
  • Treatment of Entry Points
  • Inspection of Attics
  • Inspection of crawlspaces
  • Rat and Mice ,Rodent Management  Strategies
  • Sealing out Insects
  • Exclusion of Rodents and other Animals


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