We do Monthly Pest Services for commercial  structures  .There is a scientific  reason behind this method, and  also your products can be volatile  for economic loss. If your a restaurant that has German Cockroaches, this  can be a  health hazard . The county Health  Inspector can shut down a restaurant for this depending on the Health codes. In a  warehouse  that stores cheese ,and other food related products .The Rodents can gnaw through wheels of cheese , and other  packages  of food .Thus contaminating the food with urine ,and soiling the products. These two pests reproduce rather quickly. The German Cockroach  egg capsules, can hatch in 28 Days.Which can contain up to 48 eggs  .For Rodents ; The House Mice can produce after mating in 19 to 21 days , a liter 5 to six young.The Norway Rat can  produce in 21 to 23 days, a litter  6 to 12 young .

Pests In Commercial  Structures , Can Cause ;

  • Economic Damage
  • Structure Damage
  • Destroy Products
  • Contaminate Food
  • Provide Poor Sanitation

Services We Can Provide ;

  • Sanitation Reports
  • Inspections / Trapping & Monitoring
  • Treatments based on Pest Biology
  • Drain Treatments
  • Fly Treatments
  • Sanitation  Cleaning
  • Green Pest Control Services
  • Exclusion

Our Treatments can include ;

  • Inspect  The Structure for the invading  Pest
  • Sweep all Reachable Eves and Windows for Spiders
  • Provide a Barrier Treatment  around the Structure ;
  • Using a liquid ; that is Non -Repellent or has a polymer or encapsulated structure to ensure continued  protection on the outside.Also this applies to the inside of the structure.Though inside treating cracks and cervices where insects hide
  • Using a Dust ; into cracks and cervices ,and voids .Thus to exclude  insects out of the structure or around the outside of that structure.
  • Also the use of an Aerosol liquid for ; When needed ,thus to get deep into voids and Cracks and cervices .
  • The use of Baits ;  based on the type of pest found at an inspection
  • The use of Traps ; based on if Rodents are found ; Mice and Rats