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The Effectiveness of Baiting within German Cockroaches Harborages

The Effectiveness of Baiting within German Cockroaches Harborages   In Urban structure’s the German Cockroach is a nasty foe .They defecate everywhere ,and contaminate  surfaces they touch. They can spread diseases, and other health problems ;  such as food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea, asthmas  and skin rashes. Thus to name a few .They hide and prefer cracks and crevice. For they like […]

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Termites and Rowhomes

I have done Termite work and WDIR Reports. In and around Baltimore for over 16 years .The question is how did my Termites , get into my house ? That answer can be answered in many ways. As the Rowhouse is built like an insect .The Brick is the hard outer shell, and the inside […]

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Services Suited For Your Needs

Our Residential  Programs ;include inspections on every service ,we look for your unwanted pests .Also we alert you to any potential problems  ; as regards to any present or future conducive conditions.That are around your structure  that invite pests. Have Ants or other Unwanted guests roaming through your house.We can control them. For those nasty biters […]

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Van- Cal Pest Solutions LLC MDA 31397 BU 13095

We are Progressive Pest Control ; Call Us at 443-293-2010 or email problem at commercial Industrial Residential Exterior Pest Services Exterior Plus Inside Pest Services Pest Inspections Fly Solutions Sanitation Programs Rodent Programs Spider Programs Bee Removal Campground Programs Wood Destroying Insect Programs

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