Ultimate  Defense Barrier-Pest Control

Are you looking for a company that kills Bugs ?

  •         We spray around windows . Why, Insects can get through the cracks and cervices .  This helps keep them out of your house .
  •                We spray around Doors . Why, as these are Entry points for many crawling Insects.  This helps keep them from finding there way into the house.
  •      Then the Ultimate  Defense Barrier around the House .The Exterior Foundation  is sprayed. To keep Bugs from Invading and trying to nest in the House. Then Boric Granules placed out on the Exterior Perimeter of the house. Not only will invading Insects eat these granules .They will die as they walk towards your house.  These Boric Granules are safe and effective.

If you are  looking for company .That kills Bugs , that’s us. If you looking for a company, that cares about your family that’s us. Our products are Low -Impact and Safe.

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