The Effectiveness of Baiting within German Cockroaches Harborages

The Effectiveness of Baiting within German Cockroaches Harborages

In Urban structure’s the German Cockroach is a nasty foe .They defecate everywhere ,and contaminate  surfaces they touch. They can spread diseases, and other health problems ;  such as food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea, asthmas  and skin rashes. Thus to name a few .They hide and prefer cracks and crevice. For they like thigmotropic spaces that are comfortable to them .This is why you find them in far far corners of your Kitchen cabinets. Also they can found hanging the base of the kick board of your cabinets. They enjoy your Dishwasher as well, this is perfect sauna ,and day spa for them. For they enjoy the moisture ,and the warmth ,and the wood around it .
      These are examples of why baiting is more effective. The bait can be blown  into voids or those cracks or cervices. Thus using a duster .That has a flowable  or granule  bait in the duster. Also gel baits can be placed in and around cabinets .Then with using the gel bait , the bait can placed in any crack or crevice. This can kitchen equipment ,food storage closets, and refrigerators.   Then with baiting the chemical is then placed where the German Cockroaches will be harboring. As opposed to spraying or dusting  repellent   chemicals, in which can disrupt a population causing pockets. Thus within the structure. IN which causes more population control measures  ,and treatment  strategies .For most German Cockroaches, are located within a close distance of their harborages. But using repellents will cause pockets .Just like spraying or dusting repellents around a ant nest. The the ants will bud 
   The key to baiting is how the cockroach habits are in their environment ;they prefer tight spaces because they are thigmotropic, also they like to be Coprophagous, they will also be Necrophagous, and are also will be Cannibalistic. This allows the bait go throughout nest areas, based on biology .In example; The nymphs will feed on the adults feces ,and in turn be affected Then if any cockroaches feed on a dead cockroach. They still will be affected .Thus allowing the death and destruction of their nesting family’s harborages 
   There have been studies ,done at Rutgers University .Thus stating that the population can be control at 100% reduction .Also  Penn State University stated that  baiting is more effective These studies can found at ;
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